dimanche 19 août 2012

Subjectivité /Subjectivity

Je ne la juge pas , c'est juste que je ne l'aime pas .
J'assume , ça ne se commande pas .
 Mais apparement , je ne suis pas la seule . .
Au moins , Steven Seagal a beaucoup de qualités dans la vraie vie , lui.
 ( Toutes photos trouvées sur le net )
I don't judge her, I simply don't like her.
Sometimes , things are what they are .
But it seems that I'm not alone to think that way .
At least, Steven Seagal has a lot of qualities in real life .
(All pictures found on the web)

7 commentaires:

Pascaline a dit…

Là je crois que j'ai raté un épisode !

James a dit…

I never heard of Kristen Strewart until just now.

VP a dit…

You made me laugh! Steven Seagal is definitely more interesting...

Lowell a dit…

What is it about her that you don't like?

I don't like Steven Seagal. He's a pompous jerk whose life is a pretense.


cieldequimper a dit…

@ Lowell :She and Seagal have the same emotion chart. Whatever they're playing, they have exactly the same face;which , according to me , is not the best way to be a good actor.
But in real life, he makes a lot of things ,he's one of the very few 7th dan black belt in aikido in the world, he writes, plays music, teaches aikido..
She simply goes on never smiling ..

cieldequimper a dit…

PS: Malyss wrote the comment above!

cieldequimper a dit…

Moi pas connaître, moi pas télé...