dimanche 2 septembre 2012

Welcome rats ! (or not . . )

 No to a dustbin room !

This place used to be an art gallery .
Today, the room is closed , and the mayor would like
to use it as a place where to stock city dustbins .

Nobody asked to the people living there what they were thinking of that idea .
"Strangely", they don't agree  !
Explaining that this is a very narrow street ,
that trucks won't have place to drive through ,
that rats and other bugs and animals will come ,
that scents coming from dustbins won't be among the most exquisite . .
AND that there's already an other bigger room not far away from here !
Here's the petition to the mayor .

Will democracy win ?
Did you already win something by petition ?

6 commentaires:

Pascaline a dit…

Dans le Vieux Nice sous les fenêtres des habitations placer des locaux poubelles !! bonjour l'odeur !!

Lowell a dit…

It is possible that you can make an impact by protesting. Politicians want to get elected and re-elected and they can't go that if the alienate half the population. I'd protest and protest some more - get as many as you can to sign a petition.

cieldequimper a dit…

Bonne chance...

Le truc qui me dérange dans ces cas là, c'est que du coup le local sera déplacé ailleurs... où les gens râleront. Donc il ira encore ailleurs... Remarque, à force, il n'existera sans doute nulle part.

VP a dit…

That is some destination for the former place of an art gallery...

Small City Scenes a dit…

I'm protesting for the people. I'll sign the petition. MB

Thérèse a dit…

Peut-être faudrait-il insérer une boîte aux lettres "dépôt des râleries!"